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  • Welcome!

    My name is Bobby Strange (aka "Xaeyr"), and you've found my "blueprint" on the internet! I live in Knoxville, TN and I am an aspiring front-end developer with a focus on Javascript. I have a computer science degree, but all my coding skills are self-taught. It's been so much fun learning to code, and hopefully I can find a place out in the world that will pay me to do so. Below I've included a bit more about me as well as some of the projects I've created.

    Although my site is viewable on mobile devices, there are "extra features" that hide themselves when viewed that way. So it's best to view it on a desktop/laptop to get the full blueprint feel. Just saying :)

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  • Books I've Read

    Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 for Dummies
    - Ed Tittel & Chris Minnick
    HTML5 and CSS3 ALL-IN-ONE 3rd Edition
    - Andy Harris
    Bootstrap - Responsive Web Development
    - TutorialsPoint
    Eloquent JavaScript
    - Marijn Haverbeke
    JavaScript: The Definitive Guide 6th Ed.
    - David Flanagan
    JavaScript 2.0-The Complete Reference, Second Edition
    - Thomas Powell and Fritz Schneider
    Advanced JavaScript Third Edition
    - Chuck Easttom
    JQUERY Web Application Library
    - TutorialsPoint
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  • Projects

    Memory Match Game Gemstone Reference Pig Dice Game Deadpool Quotes
    Smoothie World Conway's Life

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