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The beginning…early 2016

The beginning…early 2016 published on No Comments on The beginning…early 2016

Hello. I’m Bobby “Xaeyr” Strange, and I code things. My journey into coding began because I have a family and I want to make sure they have everything they need. While I love my job in customer service, it isn’t exactly a high paying job. Sure, we get by. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and shoes on our feet, but at the end of the day there isn’t a whole lot left. So, the journey began. The journey into front-end development. On this blog I’ll be posting about my journey, posting snippets of code, and maybe sharing a bit about my life outside of coding along the way. I hope you will stick around to travel with me.

Step 1: learning again

Step 1: learning again published on No Comments on Step 1: learning again

Before I started to dig in and learn to code, I was already familiar with some of the HTML and CSS basics. But I was determined to learn more, so I decided to start from the beginning, as if I had never looked at a line of code. I started with e-books¬†covering HTML5 and CSS3 and poured over them until I had a pretty good understanding of how they worked and worked together. And then…

JavaScript…the fun begins

JavaScript…the fun begins published on No Comments on JavaScript…the fun begins

I was already excited that I could put together a basic webpage and make it look pretty with CSS, but when I started digging into JavaScript, that’s when my excitement went to the next level. It was a little tougher than HTML and CSS, but I was determined to get it, so I began writing little apps as I went along. This was my very first JavaScript code…

<div id="output"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var a = "Hello";
output = document.getElementById("output");
output.innerHTML = a;

Exciting, huh? Ok, maybe not so much now, but when I was just starting I was like “YES, it worked!”. Since then I’ve written much more advanced code, but it was the little things like this that kept me going.

With the good comes the bad

With the good comes the bad published on No Comments on With the good comes the bad

Do you ever have thoughts like “Ugh! I hate JavaScript!” and “This should work!”? Well I have..a lot. And when it doesn’t work, it’s almost always something simple. I left out a semicolon, or I forgot to close a comment, or I dropped pizza on my keyboard and accidentally deleted a bit of code trying to clean it off (it happens!). But that’s where my love of puzzles and mysteries comes in. Trying to figure out why it worked one second but not the next (stupid pizza!) is something I actually enjoy (to an extent). Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to remove the pepperoni from my keyboard.

An important lesson

An important lesson published on No Comments on An important lesson

I’m figuring out that you don’t need to memorize every piece of code that can be inserted into your project. As long as you know what is possible with your language of choice, it’s easy enough to research how to make it happen. And then it’s just a matter of saving that little code snippet in a text document in case you need it again for a future project. I don’t have a lot of snippets in my coding library as yet, but I’ll get there.

My own site…

My own site… published on No Comments on My own site…

I’ve started thinking about building my own site to show off some of the projects I plan to work on as I build a portfolio. I already have the domain name, so I just need to decide what I want it to look like. In the mean time, why “Xaeyr”? That name goes back to my old Everquest days in 2001. It was the name of one of my first characters and the character I stuck with the longest, so I hung on to the name for gaming purposes. It’s been with me for so long I guess it’s somewhat of a nickname now that’s carried over to my coding. I have the domain name, it’s me on Twitter, I have a Facebook profile using it, and I still use it for gaming. It’s going to be with me for quite some time.

WordPress it is…

WordPress it is… published on No Comments on WordPress it is…

…at least for this blog. It’s kind of bland right now, but once I decide what my site is going to look like, I’ll likely redesign the blog to match it. Right now I’m just using, but when I start on the new site I’ll install WordPress on it and use it from there. These are very exciting times indeed!


Ugh! published on No Comments on Ugh!

Ok, I’ve begun coding my site thinking that it will help me learn and improve as I go along, and it has. I’m learning a lot about CSS and layouts, but it’s also frustrating because I have so many ideas in my head that I can’t settle on just one! I definitely want to use Bootstrap because I love it, and I want to work JavaScript into it for sure, but how? This may take some time.